Bill It , Billing made simple

Selling made easy

Bill It , Billing made simple

Selling made easy!

Ready to use GST/VAT or Any Custom Taxation,a software designed for all-purpose products or service invoicing and business tracking and multi-currency billing management.

Billit is designed for a professional to small, medium, and
enterprise business.

Bill It , Billing made simple

Your business

accounts are readily

available anywhere

in any device

Bill It , Billing made simple Features

1 Multi-Biller

Unlimited permission controlled biller accounts… the master can decide on every action of the biller

2 Multi-Currency

A professional or a small to an enterprise-level user can bill in a default currency as well as to multiple currencies for their international customers.

3 Multi-Taxation

Billit is built for customized taxation, designed in a way for any countries tax purposes, it can be GST or VAT or any custom models.

Bill It , Billing made simple
4 Customer AI

Automated customer data building. Removes and update customer data automatically.

5 Product AI

Automated products & services building. Removes and update data automatically.

6 Tax Report

Tax Report helps ready available tax reports on a click for filing, B2B, B2C, and International, currency wise divisions, Facility to mark invoices as tax filed.

Bill It , Billing made simple
7 Proforma Invoice

Pre-invoicing saves unwanted cancellation of invoices. This acts as an intimation for upcoming bills and the seller can generate invoice once got paid.

8 Invoice

An invoice is considered as a final bill for payments made. Creates B2B, B2C, and international no tax invoices.

9 Recurring Invoice

Billit is built for easy billing, creates a reminder for future invoicing, the system will help to easily remember and create recurring invoices on a single click.

Bill It , Billing made simple
10 Payments

The system helps to account split payments in different payment modes, with remark notes. After payment, the system allows an hours time to discard credit entries.

11 Refunds

The system helps to record Refunds of payments on grievances until tax filing.

12 PDF Invoice

Invoices are created in a standard PDF format with Seller details including logo, signature, etc. These PDF's are available to print, download, and email as attachments.

Bill It , Billing made simple
13 Email

Billit helps to easily send Proforma and Invoices to the customers with standard customizable email templates. PDF invoices are attached to these emails.

14 Income Forecast

Billit helps to understand future income through past revenue experience and upcoming bills.

15 Income Report

Daily, Monthly, and Yearly collection and transaction reports, this helps to track day to day operations in multiple currencies.

Bill It , Billing made simple
16 Biller Tracker

Billit records every activity of billers, this way Billit helps the business to keep an eye on all billers and performance.

17 System Log

The system log is Billit’s third eye, log from invalid login attempts to unauthorized access attempts to each module, and activity.

18 Excel Data

Billit provides data download of invoices and tax reports in excel spreadsheet format.

Bill It , Billing made simple
19 Business Statistics

Know your business stats. Business Score, revenue, pending payments in each currency, and Billers' performance in detail.

20 Pay Online

Customers can pay online by Razor Pay & PayPal. Invoice emails will be loaded with payment options and the system will feed successful payments. More payment gateways could be added upon requirement.

21 WhatsApp Notifications

Customer payment notifications can be sent by WhatsApp Business accounts.

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